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The Internet of Thing technology – the fuel of smart city

Smart city has been mentioned and used by scientists since 2000 but rather with not much attention from the public that it should be. In light of the globalization and urbanization processes, the implementation of Smart city is crucial. Connectivity and integration are the characteristics that represent Smart city with effective information transformation stays at the […]

How does technology change people in the buying process?

Customer behavior is changing every day. Not long ago, one cannot buy an item without coming to the physical store. The situation changes completely now as almost everything can be purchased or supported in the purchasing process. What technology can do for customers and businesses are never fail to surprise people. Take advantage of the […]

Promising application of AI in healthcare

“Hello, I am Baymax, your healthcare companion. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?” A famous quote of Big Hero 6’s Baymax, an Artificial Intelligent (AI) robot character which plays as healthcare support for the human being. 6 years ago, Baymax still seemed to be unrealistic, a result of […]

5 Reasons to choose IT outsourcing company for annotation projects

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning algorithm have been applied in a wide range of industries, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing, agriculture… Machine learning in specific needs a huge number of labelled data which can be image, text, video. The process to obtain a dataset is a tremendous undertaking. For many companies that deploy AI […]

E-commerce Tech In Retail – The Prominent Future

E-commerce trends are on their way to skyrocket every business growth, which is happening all around us. With the help of technology applications in e-commerce, you do not need a physical store to be called a retailer nowadays. Since every retail activity can be performed even only through digital channels and platforms, there are plenty […]

Annotation – The Best Performance Of AI In The Automotive Industry

There have been many approaches for image annotation in digital images, especially in its application to the automotive industry. Nowadays, as digital photography is becoming a common technology for capturing, people can easily archive images thanks to the help of well-equipped digital cameras and memory storage, the use of image annotation is easier than ever before. Photo […]

How Technology Has Changed The Global Banking Industry? Some Facts That Will Amaze You!

When was the last time you physically came to the bank to make transactions or to solve issues by calling the teller? Many respondents stated that it was days or weeks before. Admit it, you are also not an exception! This is just one minor proof of how technology innovation and application can be helpful […]

Tech-Interactivity Within Classrooms

We have been talking a lot about interactivity in the classroom, which is to develop a positive, unique and friendly environment for both students and teachers. A survey by CompTIA, a trade association in the IT field, found that 78% of educators questioned felt technology had a positive effect on classrooms. Additionally, 65% of the […]

03 Important Factors Of a Successful IT Remote Team

There have been numerous ways to protect workers from Covid-19 in this pandemic era. Working from home is inevitable, which is both opportunities and challenges for businesses. Some might hear, “It would be much easier if we could have the meeting in person” or some other related complaints. It is, and it should not be […]

2020 – Are Vietnamese Start-ups Remaining Their Charm?

Starting up a business has always been the top idea that entrepreneurs strive for. However, as the global economy has been affected by Covid-19, the start-up industry in Vietnam has experienced such a struggling period in 2020. According to market research conducted by Startup Genome, approximately 74% of startups among 45 countries have been forced […]

Hololens – An Upcoming Cutting-edge Technology Of Mixed Reality

What is Hololens? Hololens is knowns as a holographic computer built into a headset. Wearing the hololens, users will be able to immerse themselves with holograms in an indoor environment (classroom, library, kitchen etc.). Equipped with high-definition lenses and high-quality sound system, hololens will sure bring its customers a highly immersive, interactive experience. What are […]

The Whole New World Created By AR

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities (Wikipedia). AR can be defined as a system that fulfills three basic features: a combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D registration […]

Human Behavior Recognition Technology

The vision for surveillance is an important task in many computer vision applications. The monitoring system concerns the tracking and recognition of people, and more generally, the understanding of human behaviors, from image sequences involving humans. BeetSoft has researched and developed image recognition and technology to recognize the behavior. We propose an efficient and robust […]

AI Object Identification & recognition

Object identification and recognition is an area within the field of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on recognizing different objects by robots. As AI machines become more and more part of our everyday lives, machine learning is making improvements in image tagging and object identification skills. The latest AI technology is able to recognize objects […]

The Cutting Edge Of Face Recognition Technology

BeetSoft has cutting-edge face recognition technology that recently we have succeeded in developing and putting our achievement to practical use in internal attendance management systems and others. In addition, face recognition technology is beginning to be put to various practical uses, namely iPhone Xs device activation system with face recognition or companies’ attendance management system. […]

Facial Expression Recognition Technology

BeetSoft can recognize not only the human face but also facial expressions to understand human emotion. This technique determines people ‘s emotions based on the movement and shape data of human facial muscles. In order to recognize feelings, deep learning is utilized using a lot of image data. In BeetSoft, we have applied the technology […]

Kindergarten Photo Management Application

Check out how we carry on quick and easy face management of kindergartners. Our experts use AI’s facial recognition technology to remember the face of a human. This application recognizes the face of kindergarten pupils and can distinguish between them automatically. In addition, users can manage to create face albums with this modern technology. As […]

Factory Gateway Monitoring System

Check out our project in Automatic factory entrance management It is a system using image recognition technology which is particularly our advantage. We recognize the entry and exit of a person from the image shot with the camera. Then, you can automatically monitor and manage people who enter and leave the factory. In addition to […]

BeetSoft OCR – Taking OCR To The Next Level

PRODUCT DETAILS In the past, if you had a PDF or image version of a document that needs to be digitalized, perhaps the only way would be to type down everything, which is undoubtedly a strenuous task. Nowadays, thanks to technology in general and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in particular, the typewritten text will be […]

BeetSoft’s Virtual Assistant, Powered By NLP Platform

PRODUCT DETAILS BeetSofts NLP Platform is a service for building and integrating conversational interfaces into any text-based and voice-based application. Using natural language processing, our platform can provide you with a chatbot that is able to bring immensely captivating experiences and lifelike conversational interactions to your customers in a wide variety of business domain. Check […]

BeetSoft – The Winner Of Sao Khue 2019 Award

The Sao Khue Awards is known as one of the most prestigious awards for IT companies and individuals who have made outstanding achievements and significant contributions to the development of the Vietnam Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry by providing excellent technology products and services. The annual ceremony was hosted in Hanoi by the Vietnam […]

“Vietnam It Day 2019” Exhibition In Japan

We are pleased to welcome you to visit our booth at “Vietnam IT Day 2019” exhibition, the largest Vietnamese IT event in Japan. Duringour attendance from February 26th to March 1st, 2019, BEETSOFTwill introduce our attendees the latest computer and machine learning technology. Visitors will therefore have remarkable VR experienceat a glance Connect with us […]

Founder Of BeetSoft In Startup 360 Magazine No. 213

“Startup 360” is a program of VITV financial and economic channel, which has officially cooperated with the Vietnam startup community. This show is such a golden opportunity for startup ecosystem to develop and connect with other individuals and businesses within the community who share the same interest, vision, stories and issues. In a recent show, Mr. Linh […]

BeetSoft Received Ideathon Award At Hackathon 2018

Hackathon is a programming contest in which participants compete in software development ideas and projects. This event attracts experts from various positions, namely Developers, IT Managers, Graphic Designers, UI/UX designers, Computer Systems Analyst, etc. Hackathon2018’s theme is Smart City, which appears to be a potential worldwide trend to create a better living habitat for people. […]

AI Joy Ful Clock In

Using emotion recognition technology, BeetSoft has created a happiness evaluation and attendance check system in our own company. It only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute for an employee to register a person into the database by taking their pictures in various emotions and angles. The system is able to detect whether an employee is […]

BeetSoft Received The 2018 Sao Khue Awards!

BeetSoft recently won the Sao Khue Award, an annual prize for companies and individuals who have a significant contribution to IT development in Vietnam. About the Sao Khue Award The Sao Khue Award is known as one of the most prestigious awards for IT companies and individuals who have made outstanding achievements and significant contributions […]

Our Stories, BeetSoft
Our Stories, BeetSoft
Using emotion recognition technology, BeetSoft has created a happiness evaluation and attendance check system in our own company. It only Read more
Our Stories, BeetSoft
BeetSoft recently won the Sao Khue Award, an annual prize for companies and individuals who have a significant contribution to Read more