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Annotation – The Best Performance Of AI In The Automotive Industry, BeetSoft

There have been many approaches for image annotation in digital images, especially in its application to the automotive industry. Nowadays, as digital photography is becoming a common technology for capturing, people can easily archive images thanks to the help of well-equipped digital cameras and memory storage, the use of image annotation is easier than ever before.

Annotation – The Best Performance Of AI In The Automotive Industry, BeetSoft
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Image Annotation

As it is named, image annotation is the bridge between objects in reality and its appearance on machine learning. The other definition is – the process of making the given objects detectable and recognisable to machines, which mostly using bounding boxes to annotate. As being told as the helpful boost for AI (Artificial Intelligent), image annotation is valuable in all types of AI models namely self-driving cars, security cameras, robots, auto flying gadgets, etc which are relying on data created by bounding box annotation to power computer vision models with high-quality image data.

Specifically, one technical term like automatic image annotation is the process when a computer system assigns metadata to a digital image in an automatic way for both caption or keywords forms. This is one of the most important applications of computer vision techniques which is used in organising and locating images from a database.

Annotation – The Best Performance Of AI In The Automotive Industry, BeetSoft
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Annotation Application 

By making such objects detectable through computer vision technology, its application can be listed down including the following: detect objects of interests, classify various objects given and segmentise objects into single classes.

For instance, with the help of annotation, we as humans can easily train our autonomous vehicles, drones, and any computer vision solutions to interpret images and videos. The whole process can be done completely by using high-quality annotated images. In developing annotation projects, annotation experts will focus on the execution of work, including tagging key objects in images using annotation methods based on the requirement of clients. Image annotation team will ensure the progress from sourcing, preparing, analysing the images with the metadata in the given file formats, and annotating.

How it works 

The procedure in which annotation works is using the technology of AI to mark the correlation between machine learning and objects given in image features, especially shape, color, and texture. The aim is to provide automatic correct annotation objects in images that provide an alternative to the time-consuming work of manual image annotation for machines to recognise, thus increasing the flexibility of work afterward.

With the increase of digital applications,  annotating a specific image becomes an essential factor in data labelling companies. It has been creating a completed model which is capable of assigning terms to an image in order to describe its content within. Thus, clients can get the expected outcomes.

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