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AR / VR / MR

AR / VR / MR, BeetSoft

Thanks to the breakthrough of the Technology Era, reality technologies for products and services have gradually become the hottest items today. They are the most expensive medals that any technology software company is proud of. Lets take a look at the latest products that are making waves of the Artificial Intelligence industry today:

?? Apple’s AR Kit framework allows millions of iPhone and iPad owners to experience augmented reality (AR).

?? Facebook is working hard to bring virtual reality (VR) to wider audiences.

?? Microsoft is using mixed reality (MR) to combine virtual objects with the real world.

However, do you understand what VR, AR, and MR are?

We are having some brief definitions of them below in order to help you understand deeply about them.

AR has already begun to be a part of our life. There are many potentials for AR, not only in games and entertainment but also other aspects of daily life. Beetsoft can provide solutions using state-of-the-art AR technology.

VR brings you a brand new reality. However, its potentials are not restricted to gaming only. Together, we can come up with many realistic uses for VR to enhance any experience.

MR is known as a hybrid between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, promising to allow users to interact in highly engaging and novel experience with holographies in an indoor environment. BEETSOFT is developing this state-of-the-art technology to provide our valuable customers with reasonably priced MR services

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