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How does technology change people in the buying process?, BeetSoft

Customer behavior is changing every day. Not long ago, one cannot buy an item without coming to the physical store. The situation changes completely now as almost everything can be purchased or supported in the purchasing process. What technology can do for customers and businesses are never fail to surprise people. Take advantage of the IT outsourcing company that offers cost-effective solutions, retail has applied various advanced technology into their system to leverage buying experience. Thus, the development of technology has changed the retail landscape from both sides of view, customers and sellers. It is all about being connected and the increasing expectation.

Being Connected

The popularity of digital devices and the Internet enable customers to be connected with products and services. This affects all phases of the purchasing process. With personalized marketing, customers are provided with the most relevant message, customized products, or services. It is the result of data obtaining from multiple channels. Additionally, being connected, the purchasing process can be much more smoothly and trouble-free as there are so many way businesses that can assist customers. This is an opportunity for businesses to leverage their systems to engage existing and potential customers.

For business, emerge in the trend of connecting is a wise choice. Omnichannel is a great example of applying a connecting system. With omnichannel, retailers are likely to get to assist the customer through the whole process of buying to increase conversion rate. They also benefit from the connecting systems as a large amount of customer data was recorded. This encourages enterprises to increase their sale platforms such as website development or mobile app development.


How does technology change people in the buying process?, BeetSoft

Increasing Expectation

Together with the development of technology, human being gets used to being equipped with advanced technology support, the daily task was simplified more and more. Consequently, people are expecting improvement from the seller. Additionally, transparency is also expected and requested more usually. People are more likely to be skeptical before engaging with a brand, taking more time and longer buying process. Gaining trust from the customer is harder in the digital era as they are exposed to a huge amount of information from all sources. Moreover, customer readiness to advance technology is drastically changing recently. From being reluctant to try new technology, people are now expecting and exciting over innovative solutions that leverage customer experience. AR technology, VR technology are among those was applied to retailer systems that bring a lot of positive feedbacks.

From the business point of view, the expectation is a great chance for differentiation to separate themselves from other competitors. A lot of enterprises have taken the chance to be the pioneer by pushing the process of digital transformation. Furthermore, the trends of retail record the dominance of physical stores and the increasing digital presence of brand and sale channels. Perhaps, organization leader responsibility is not only choosing the right channel but also optimizing the existing channels so that they can support each other. It can be noted that businesses now have more than one choice with technology supporting. Leaders can choose to build their technical team or outsource the task to an IT outsourcing company for cost-effective prices.

A giant leap is just a series of small steps. Innovative technology has been making its way to be applied in every industry, retail is one of its most influential industries. It is expected that it will change the retail landscape drastically in 10 years. Getting ready for the change, prepare yourself, or even go before the expectation to be the pioneer is advised for businesses. Proven our ability and experience in IT outsourcing, BeetSoft is honored to be your companion for a retail solution. Consult with BeetSoft for high-quality retail IT solution: https://lnkd.in/d6gE4NE

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