Industry Focused

Focused Industries With Technology Experts

As we are going industry-focused, our IT outsourcing services works are being professionalised. BeetSoft offers technology experts who specifically work for 6 strategic industries: Health Care; Banking & Insurance; Manufacturing (With services in AI & IoT); Startups & IT companies; Retail; Education (Provide assistance in AR/VR/MR Online Services & Video Streaming).

Industry Focused, BeetSoft

Specialized & High-performing Team

We have built up professional development teams who own complementary talents and skills. It is dedicated to producing superior results for your project and technology demands. Additionally, diversity among team members is also optimized to build strong teams who are always open-minded, passionate, responsive and customer-oriented. Our areas of expertise are prioritized for the 6 industries to embrace every specific challenge.
Industry Focused, BeetSoft

Deeply Involved In Your Industry

Over the past 6 years, our passionate experts have seen the ups and downs of industries growth. We have turned those learnings into a growth digital method, which has helped hundreds of companies achieve their targets. We also engage with other notables from whom we can learn, thus understand strategic insights to provide technology outsourcing services for your industry. Consequently, you have our suggestions, ideas and experiences to implement successful outsourcing projects.
Industry Focused, BeetSoft


Now that news is immediate, we stay up-to-date on each industry. Beetsoft generally has meetings and seminars for our developers, which provides a snapshot of the latest trends and discussions to enhance professional knowledge in the prioritized industry. It is our competitive need to stay ahead by being aware of changes, aggregating, analyzing, reviewing and applying the information to the outsourcing works for your continuous industrial innovation and growth.
Industry Focused, BeetSoft

Professional Awards & Grants

Work with us, one of the top IT Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam and Asia to create outstanding projects that will undoubtedly meet your needs!
  • 2019: Top 50 & 10 Leading IT Companies in Vietnam
  • 2018, 2019 & 2020: Sao Khue Award – The most prestigious Award in the Vietnamese IT sector!
  • 2018 & 2019: Ideathon Award at Hackathon