The Best IT Outsourcing Services for your success


AI / IOT, BeetSoft

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has evolved drastically in recent years and will undoubtedly make drastic changes to our lives in a much more convenient way in the near future. Beetsoft proactively carries out the latest AI services, research and development. We offer state-of-the-art technology at a reasonable price.

IoT (Internet of things) is said to be the latest technology. Everything around us is connected via the Internet. How convenient will our world be? Beetsoft’s cutting edge IoT technology outsourcing will change the world.

Remote working resolution: Making it fun, Making it work

Research shows that productivity and effectiveness of work have a huge correlation with employee mental health. Harvard Business Review published a report suggesting that people who work with a positive mindset have the performance improved in every aspect such as productivity, creativity, engagement. Consequently, multiple solutions have been implemented to improve the working environment and […]

The Internet of Thing technology – the fuel of smart city

Smart city has been mentioned and used by scientists since 2000 but rather with not much attention from the public that it should be. In light of the globalization and urbanization processes, the implementation of Smart city is crucial. Connectivity and integration are the characteristics that represent Smart city with effective information transformation stays at the […]

How does technology change people in the buying process?

Customer behavior is changing every day. Not long ago, one cannot buy an item without coming to the physical store. The situation changes completely now as almost everything can be purchased or supported in the purchasing process. What technology can do for customers and businesses are never fail to surprise people. Take advantage of the […]