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Remote working resolution: Making it fun, Making it work, BeetSoft

Research shows that productivity and effectiveness of work have a huge correlation with employee mental health. Harvard Business Review published a report suggesting that people who work with a positive mindset have the performance improved in every aspect such as productivity, creativity, engagement. Consequently, multiple solutions have been implemented to improve the working environment and take care of employee emotional aspects. In a more difficult situation, working remotely which is more common in the pandemic made it more complicated to manage employee mental health. Preventing burnout, adapting to telecommuting, and balancing work and family obligations are among the missions that businesses need to make the process to help their remote workers.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of technology solutions that can assist businesses to adapt to the new norms, to support their employees living and working under shelter-in-place to have a positive mindset. To make remote working works is not the only objective anymore, making it fun also is considered a crucial factor for enterprises to survive through the pandemic.

Making it work

–           Effective communication

Communication between coworkers is vital when working remotely. With someone who is not familiar with working with people from a distance, it can cause serious stress from misunderstanding, cost extra time to deliver one message. Additionally, ineffective communication can lead to low productivity and later, stress for employees.

Thus, maintaining an effective process of communication is a major part to make working remote work. There are several mobile app and software that have been developed to address this need, Zoom has seen a drastic increase in the number of users since the pandemic, Google also updates their platform, adding new features.

–           Forecast and predict issues

The thing with working from afar from the office is that managing employees in all aspects is harder for business leaders. Mental health is one of the major issues that should be looked after to ensure the quality of work and working environment. Thus, business leaders must be aware of mental health for employees, later forecast issues that can occur. For example, with someone familiar with working individually like designers, artists, working from home will probably be affected by the environment at their place that cannot trigger their creativity. However, for sales agents who always interact and communicate face to face with people, working from home can cause some obstacles and later become stress.

The solutions therefore can be found in a lot of ways with technical support. There is a lot of company did custom software development to record employees emotional when working. One who has trouble coping up with remote work can be provided with some help of all kinds from physically to mentally.

Remote working resolution: Making it fun, Making it work, BeetSoft

Making it fun

Working from home reduces social interaction between people. Every day you spend at least 8 hours at your office, talking, discussing, working, arguing, and also gossiping with your college. That became a daily routine for a lot of people. It is the emotional connection that brings the dynamic of the working environment. Whether the interactions represent happiness or sadness, these are still something signature for the working place. Though, we are not giving up all of these interact when working from home but the majority will not be the same. Additionally, working from home is more likely to spark negative emotion, the need for solutions to create positive emotion for employees working from home is crucial more than ever. The question of making it work now adding one more phase which is making it fun.

Thanks to the development of technology, many things can happen regardless of physical distance. With a fast internet connection and some designated mobile application development processes, businesses can create a lot of activities for employees to join in. The below activities have been done and show a great success

–           Virtual internal events: Game, talkshow

–           Joined Charity events

–           Workshops for leverage personal skill

There are over 15,000 mental health apps are available on the apps stores. This proves that mental health now has the right attention. These include different technologies that support different purposes, also, the platforms are varied, such as phone apps, desktop applications, websites, wearable devices, or a combination of these. Additionally, 2020 witnesses remarkable software development projects to support working from home both of the number and the quality. Hence, this suggests the effectiveness of technology application in remote working productivity and especially maintaining good mental health.

Thinking of using technology to look after your employee time working from home, starting today by using existing service or creating your own software with an IT outsourcing company. With IT outsourcing services, you will have the high-quality services provided by qualified experts at the most reasonable price.

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