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The Internet of Thing technology – the fuel of smart city, BeetSoft

Smart city has been mentioned and used by scientists since 2000 but rather with not much attention from the public that it should be. In light of the globalization and urbanization processes, the implementation of Smart city is crucial.

Connectivity and integration are the characteristics that represent Smart city with effective information transformation stays at the core. Smart city is involved in multi-sector and multi-level management. The future scenario of Smart city is that the entire city can be seen as an ecosystem, everything is synced together and information is transported at a fast pace. The main purpose of the implementation of Smart city is sustainable development which stems from the high quality of citizens’ life, the prosperity of the city, the productivity of manufacture.

Being a smart city has been the indispensable movement of the metropolitan in the world, namely, London, Washington DC…. London has been initiated the innovative movement with contactless card payment, air quality controllers and auto autonomous vehicles, aerial drones, and 5G technology. The main tasks of the plan are to collect data and analyze it to make life easier for the residents while developing the right technology to support it.

Highly advanced technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) technology is the main material to set up the infrastructure for Smart city. The IoT refers to a large number of things that are connected through the internet to share data. The IoT emphasizes three main elements which are the devices that are allocated to collect data, the infrastructure to connect devices, and the last, the operating system that allows analyzing the data and order actions. IoT technology is mostly integrated into customized software development and mobile application development.

The Internet of Thing technology – the fuel of smart city, BeetSoft

Considering the attractiveness to the customer of IoT technology and vendor readiness, industrial, retail and healthcare are among the most potential sector. The use of IoT can be seen mostly in targeted and customized marketing, increasing the effectiveness of marketing activities, to make sure company value can be delivered to the right person at the right time. Inventory management and optimize logistic activities are also utilized by IoT. Meanwhile, the healthcare sector is at an up-rising place, prospective for the next year to address people’s demand for high-quality healthcare service.

The demand for IoT services from IT Outsourcing companies is rising and is predicted to be at its peak in the next decade with the smart city movement continuing. The process perhaps could be accelerated by the government and industry consortiums to improve the whole system. As a result, this will be the opportunity for both organizations and IT service providers to push on their effort on the IoT technology.

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