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5 Reasons to choose IT outsourcing company for annotation projects, BeetSoft

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning algorithm have been applied in a wide range of industries, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing, agriculture… Machine learning in specific needs a huge number of labelled data which can be image, text, video. The process to obtain a dataset is a tremendous undertaking. For many companies that deploy AI technology, one strategic decision is that whether to create their in-house annotation department or to outsource to data annotation companies. IT Outsourcing Company has been chosen by 86% of companies all over the world, demonstrating its effectiveness.

There are 5 outstanding benefits of BPO outsourcing for annotation which is proved to have a positive influence on organization productivity.

  • Cost-effective

Most IT outsourcing company offer considerable cheap prices for annotation services. Compare to the cost of renting an office, recruiting and training process, outsourcing service is the more cost-effective solution. Additionally, due to the difference between the minimum wage in different countries, outsourcing hubs with low wages such as India, Philippines, Vietnam are potential for your annotation partner.

  • Quality guarantee

Quality of annotation is proven by the accuracy of work which later affects the quality of the product. Hiring IT outsourcing, enterprises have full authority to have specific requirements over work quality which is also guaranteed by legal contract. Moreover, outsourcing company has experiences and professional process for annotation project. These will keep the project running smoothly with high productivity. The working process has been tested, implemented, evaluated and adjusted for years with a lot of successful projects.

  • Flexible capacity

For each project, the requirements will not be the same. IT outsourcing services company will have the ability to provide your business with a great number of skill annotators. As for projects special requests, they can add more staff or deduct with much flexibility to meet the needed amount of data. This cannot be done with an in-house team which usually be fixed and take time to find additional staff. Meanwhile, with the network in human resources, outsourcing can find more new staff in a short time.

5 Reasons to choose IT outsourcing company for annotation projects, BeetSoft

  • Skilful staff

Highly trained annotators are experienced with various annotation projects across the fields such as image annotation, text annotation, speech recognition. There is a great improvement in productivity because annotators are familiar with professional training and work process. Additionally, services outsourcing company has developed a set of criteria to select annotation candidates so that resources wasted on training will be cut down.

  • Time saver

A huge amount of workload will be handled by a professional team that has been trained for years. The whole project is taken care of by a project manager with much experience in this field. The company only needs to assign minimum staff for communication and exchange tasks. This allows company leaders to have a full focus on operation and strategic development.

Still, annotation outsourcing has some pitfalls existing such as security issues. While these cannot overcome the benefits, it should be highlighted that there are many solutions to tackle this problem. At Beetsoft, we offer a full package of IT Outsourcing Services with high quality, covering project managing, annotation services, strictly timeline follow. With years of experience, we have been leveraged our service to the maximum with the highest quality and lowest risks. Choosing Beetsoft for your next annotation project, you will have peace of mind through the process.


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