IT Consultancy

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How We Work


Our consulting team has continuous discussions on customers’ request in order to effectively implement research and come up with the most beneficial IT solutions for your company.


Based on the information gathered, Beetsoft’s consulting team proposes solutions to solve your problems. We ensure the best IT consulting service in Asia, which offers you web systems, business systems development, native applications, hybrid applications and a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies such as AI, IoT, AR, VR, MR. In addition, delivery time and cost estimation is required at this stage.

Continuous consultancy

Continuous IT consulting services are provided until customer satisfaction achieved. Additionally, any arising change in the proposed man-day, cost, functions or technologies can be adjusted flexibly by Beetsoft consultancy team.


Our IT consulting services are free of charge until both parties come to the agreement stage and sign the contract. Notably, customers can tremendously benefit from our flexible payment terms, where both one-off or recurring payments are allowed.


Based on the finalized content of the proposal, we then proceed with the development phase. Our prioritization is always the quality and consistency of the product. Every stage of the working procedure is also confirmed with clients to ensure transparency and effective communication.

Maintenance & Improvement

Maintenance might be necessary or not, which depends on each type and scale of the project. Beetsoft team is responsible for the Maintenance packages, including Nighttime Correspondence and Holiday Correspondence, where we flexibly respond to your customers’ requests, which avoids operational interruption during non-business hours and ensures efficient workflow. In addition, the quality is constantly analyzed and tested throughout each phase, leading to further improvements.

We are a trustworthy partner who can engage in a long-lasting collaboration with clients.
Your trust is our ultimate success!