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Annotation, BeetSoft

Data Annotation service labels data to make it usable for machine learning, ensuring the accuracy to make sure it can be recognised by the machines through computer vision. It can be almost any kind of data that a human might understand.

Image annotation labels or classifies an image using text, annotation tools, or both, to show the data features you want your model to recognize on its own. This type of data labeling is also called tagging, transcribing, or processing.

We use data processing methods at the highest level possible

Provides customised processing services based on extensive project experience to meet the expectations and requirements of consumers such as self-driving cars, smart homes, security and emotional areas.

Specialized in the massive data processing 

Our own automation solution can still increase productivity and deliver consistent schedules when accessing a crowd of over 2,000 flexible workers.

Service delivery process 

  1. Receive requests from customers and set up a meeting
  2. Sign contracts and create specific plans, including time and cost estimation based on customer requirements
  3. Collect, process data and start the project
  4. Deliver the final result and close data
Annotation, BeetSoft

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Annotation, BeetSoft