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IT Outsourcing, BeetSoft

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IT Outsourcing, BeetSoft

Offshore Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing, BeetSoft


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Why us?


We Are Cost-Competitive

Beetsoft has numerous successful projects done by Vietnamese high skilled workforce, which offers great quality, approximately 50% faster pace than in-house development& can save up to 2/3 of your project budget.


We Guarantee Quality

We are proud of our developers and testers, who are well qualified with international standards and have experiences working with various partners. Hence, our team is accustomed to diversified cultures and quality assurance to ensure meeting the requirements and deliver the best products to customers.


We Use A Wide Range Of Platforms And Languages

With 400+ experienced developers who possess knowledge in varies platforms and languages, our vast specializations include web system, business system, native application (iOS, Android), hybrid application, game, and so forth. In addition, our team uses Ruby, PHP, iOS (Objective – C, Swift), Android (Java, Kotlin),. Net, Unity, ReactNative, etc. in terms of languages and environments.

How Can We Help You?

ODC – an ideal method for your overall project, especially for software, game or mobile application. - We receive specific IT requirements from clients, then consult you with an in-depth idea of what should be developed - Afterwards, a project timeline, cost calculation and estimation is proposed based on discussion - Once there is confirmation and agreement, the project begins to be implemented by our experts based in Vietnam office

We provide high skilled human resources to work online for our clients within a project scope / time frame as per requirements. Our highlighted offshore project is having Beetsoft’s developers to work remotely for your organization. - We assist you thoroughly to find the best solutions based on current situation and requirements - Generally, the contract term is between 6 months to 2 years - Our developers’ working schedule follows the same time zone as where your company is based

We provide high skilled human resources to work for our clients. Beetsoft’s developers will be working onsite based on your requirements and needs. - Working duration can be agreed with extension for each project - Our developers work and report directly to their temporary employer, who isour clients who use this Onsite Outsourcing service