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E-commerce Tech In Retail – The Prominent Future, BeetSoft

E-commerce trends are on their way to skyrocket every business growth, which is happening all around us. With the help of technology applications in e-commerce, you do not need a physical store to be called a retailer nowadays. Since every retail activity can be performed even only through digital channels and platforms, there are plenty of opportunities for IT Services for retail Industry as the promising future of us. Here are the main reasons why. 

E-commerce Tech In Retail – The Prominent Future, BeetSoft
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 1. Primarily Online With Mobile-Focused Retail Experiences

E-commerce nowadays takes an omnichannel approach by bridging the digital and physical worlds. Born online, any brand can be built on the backs of social media platforms and thus, gain millions of followers and fans. It is also an easy way that lets the brand engage with customers.

Plus, e-commerce can be applied in launching a retail experience through social media or retailers official website that allows consumers to interact with the brand in the real world. For example, Retail tech outsourcing are using augmented reality (AR) for your own website is a fantastic experience for visitors which can also eliminate the need to opt for specialized apps. With Web AR, users are provided simple login for Web Augmented Reality (AR) to access the same functionality without downloading the app. 

E-commerce Tech In Retail – The Prominent Future, BeetSoft
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  1. Swap Commerce For Better Customer Experiences

Instead of maximising sales on special occasions, sustainable businesses can build brands by bringing conversion from online to offline experiences. For instance, stores can be opened for non-commerce experiences. In this case, consumers are encouraged to stop by for live music, and free workshops like crafting, interactive activities engagement, etc, all thanks to the e-commerce platform which brought the attention to the offline event.  

This idea can be applied with technology as stemmed from the desire to educate consumers and prompt them to shift the focus towards sustainability, which should be the continuous priority for a brand. Consequently, e-commerce can thus create an immersive experience or online users and customers. 

  1. Voice Recognition Changes The Path To Purchase

Voice recognitition will be one main potential method which makes e-commerce such a prominent future. According to an American survey, it should not be a surprising fact that 26.1% of consumers made their purchase on smart speakers in 2019. Further estimations suggest 35% of all U.S. households are equipped with at least one smart speaker, in which a significant number of consumers owning more than one. 

The other way of voice recognition lies on household, specifically home assistant market. The assistant can search retail store for products and even make voice-powered purchases. This is such an innovation of technology that will also give consumers access to anonymized transcripts of user speech data and intent request details so digital sellers can better understand how voice is used in the consumer’s path to purchase. 

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