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BeetSoft Received Ideathon Award At Hackathon 2018, BeetSoft

Hackathon is a programming contest in which participants compete in software development ideas and projects. This event attracts experts from various positions, namely Developers, IT Managers, Graphic Designers, UI/UX designers, Computer Systems Analyst, etc.

Hackathon2018’s theme is Smart City, which appears to be a potential worldwide trend to create a better living habitat for people. In the Vietnam market, researches have reported that 30+ cities are planning to build Smart City solutions. With the view to spread the knowledge, thus contribute to a better living environment, Hackathon 2018 calls for applications in developing ideas and creating useful software products for your own city.

BeetSoft Received Ideathon Award At Hackathon 2018, BeetSoft

Participating in this year’s Hackathon, BeetSofts three-member-team submitted SMARTCARE, a healthcare app using IoT technology and successfully awarded the Ideathon award. According to the team’s presentation, SMARTCARE will use a sensory system and data processing platform (big data, machine learning) to keep track of users’ well-being and anticipate any health changes. In addition, patients can receive accurate health diagnoses on a timely basis. As a result, our application can help reduce the dependence and pressure of patients on doctors and hospitals, as well as traffic and public expenditure. SMARTCAREwill undoubtedly plays a vital part in managing clean and smart cities. This is such an app of the future!

We would like to convey our gratitude to the committee for honoring this precious recognition. BeetSoft will surely keep moving forward and turn the idea into reality.

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