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“Startup 360” is a program of VITV financial and economic channel, which has officially cooperated with the Vietnam startup community. This show is such a golden opportunity for startup ecosystem to develop and connect with other individuals and businesses within the community who share the same interest, vision, stories and issues. In a recent show, Mr. Linh Nguyen, CEO & Founder of BEETSOFT, has been broadcasted in the “Startup 360 magazine” no. 213.

During the interview, Mr. Linh shared his strong passion for a startup in the technology field. With the belief that technology is our future, in which its advancements are rapidly shaping an ever-evolving blueprint of how we conduct business, our CEO founded BEETSOFT, with the mission to provide clients the most suitable and up-to-date IT outsourcing and offshoring services. Mr. Linh also mentioned the recent B2B projects of BEETSOFT, using modern technology trends, namely AI, IoT, AR, VR, MR, Robotics, etc.

As the business world is changing, adaptability is a must. Thus, it is necessary for organizations, regardless of whether you’re a multinational company or a newly formed startup, to apply technology, such as artificial intelligence and cloud databases, for further company development.

Watch the full program here 👉 http://bit.do/BeetSoft

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