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Enhancing learning experience with technology, BeetSoft

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

Education is always the most important issue of every country. The developed countries are among those with the best education system. Since the very beginning, educators have been finding ways to improve productivity and efficiency of teaching, at the same time, to allow learners to have more opportunities to develop. The recent years witness a lot of change in the education system, especially with technology applications empowering students to be active in the learning process. Additionally, the pandemic situation emphasizes again the need for technology solutions in education. With designated mobile application development, custom software development, the education system now can offer remarkable benefits to both teachers and learners.

Encouraging collaboration and communication

Technology application in education fosters collaboration between not only teachers with students but also among students themselves. Through games and connecting apps, students can share their thought, new ideas while discussing with others. Additionally, the Internet enables these reactions to be real-time, so that any adjustment can be made on time to have the best result. Recently, Zoom and Google Meet are among the most used platforms for online studying, some university even introduces their platforms for security reasons. With these mediums, more and more advanced features are added to leverage users’ experience.

Personalized learning

The main purpose of personalized learning is to give students control of what they learn and how they learn, intending to make education more practical and relevant. Technology enables students to access learning resources outside the classroom. Thus, this encourages students to actively solve real-life problems, to be critical thinking in all situations. From a teacher’s point of view, student data and feedback allow them to tailor designated content for students. Addressing students’ strengths, weaknesses, the teacher can provide certain assistance and support to students. This provides great help for not only online learning but also traditional teaching method. Digitalization in process and resource storing has been applied in many education systems for online information transferring and online library for example.

Enhancing learning experience with technology, BeetSoft

Curiosity oriented by engaging content

However actively student controls their studying, it should be noted that learning is still a directional activity which means that it still needs certain guidance from teachers. Addressing the ideas, multiple companies have developed certain software for teachers to create interesting content with a user-friendly interface. The curiosity and creativity of children are endless, the technology devices and platforms will be a great help for the kids to understand a new concept. For difficult and boring subjects, technology making use of AR technology, VR technology enable a new approach to the issue sparkling interest of students. E-learning material is upgrading with more interactive content inspiring learners to engage with the knowledge.

With all the above benefits, one thing should be noted that children learn more effectively with direction. According to the World Economic Forum, evidence showed that while technology can provide great support in studying, the role of teachers and parents with guidance is indispensable. However, we cannot deny that applying technology in education enriches learning content, leverage the learning experience drastically.

As Benjamin Franklin said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, the future of technology to be applied in education is ever-increasing following the demands. Educational IT outsourcing services will not be rare anymore with more and more software and mobile application are developed for learning purposes. And BeetSoft, the top IT Outsourcing company in Vietnam, is ready to assist our treasured clients with a high-quality solution for the next investment. Contact BeetSoft for consultation and quotation.

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