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The Cutting Edge Of Face Recognition Technology, BeetSoft

BeetSoft has cutting-edge face recognition technology that recently we have succeeded in developing and putting our achievement to practical use in internal attendance management systems and others. In addition, face recognition technology is beginning to be put to various practical uses, namely iPhone Xs device activation system with face recognition or companies’ attendance management system. However, digital users are still concerned about the reliability of face recognition technology. Thus, we would like to introduce to you in-depth information about the cutting-edge face recognition technology.

How face authentication works

Lets first take a look at how AI authenticates your identity. Face authentication consists of three steps.

  1. Face Detection

We locate where the face is from images and videos. When the entire body is captured, the position of the head can be determined, then the location of the face can be detected from facial features such as eyes and nose.
This technology itself has been practically used even in cameras and the like, which is not difficult at all.

  1. Feature Point Detection

Detects the features of the eyes such as the center of the pupil, the nose height, bulging, the edge (length, size) of the mouth. Even if the captured face is oblique, the technology can correct it to the normal direction and recognize it.
How well we can recognize finely detailed information instantaneously becomes an important point in face recognition technology.

  1. Face Verification

It compares the face recognized by feature point detection of 2 with the registered face. Subsequently, you can recognize and classify similar faces.

Accuracy of face recognition technology

The technology of facial recognition consists of surprisingly only a few simple steps, but we are still concerned about its accuracy. As a matter of fact, face recognition will not make mistakes. Even if you are wearing glasses or a hat, you can be authenticated without any problems thanks to the information from the visible parts of your face. However, the technology will not stop there. No matter how your appearance is changed regarding hairstyle, wrinkles, and body type, face recognition will still work as well as ever. Even twins can be distinguished, even if the face is sideways, the color is different or it is dark, there is no problem either. That accuracy can be easily achieved simply with a single picture that basically clearly shows your face. It should be noted that a close-up picture is not needed because shooting with a camera from afar will work just fine.

Practical use of face recognition technology

BeetSoft has actually developed an attendance management system that uses face recognition technology and has put it into practical use within the company. When you go to work or leave work, you can record your attendance information by simply showing your face to the camera. In addition, we are also developing security cameras and others. For example, we actually developed a factory entrance and exit management system. In this system, it is possible to recognize the face of a person photographed in a security camera and verify it with the registered face, automatically checking whether there is any intrusion of a suspicious person or not. Additionally, if you use cutting-edge face recognition technology, various useful things will be realized.

BeetSoft has cutting-edge face recognition technology as its own technology. With state-of-the-art technology, cost can be saved to a large extent while development can flourish. Let’s begin a project with us to grow faster and better!

By Minh Thao Nguyen

2 thoughts on “The Cutting Edge Of Face Recognition Technology

  1. Thanks for sharing. Massive data storage of facial recognition is advantageous in improving security and work automation.

  2. In my opinion, facial recognition needs 5 years minimum to ensure its application and privacy for human. This technology should be developed to be more user-friendly, secured and transparent for users.

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