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Hololens – An Upcoming Cutting-edge Technology Of Mixed Reality, BeetSoft

What is Hololens?

Hololens is knowns as a holographic computer built into a headset. Wearing the hololens, users will be able to immerse themselves with holograms in an indoor environment (classroom, library, kitchen etc.). Equipped with high-definition lenses and high-quality sound system, hololens will sure bring its customers a highly immersive, interactive experience.

What are Hololens’ applications?

With mixed reality, people, places and objects from your physical and digital worlds are brought together. This blended environment acts as your canvas and allows your creativity and enjoyment to soar.

Gaming and entertainment right in front of your eyes

3D projects can easily be created and worked with when we put on the hololens headset. You can also enjoy your favorite games as they are tailored to you, which can even be better than Virtual or Augmented Reality.

Product testing without real-life interaction

Hololens can be extremely useful for companies since it allows their customers to test the products without seeing them at a store. Imagine what hololens can help you when having hundreds of customizable options to try.

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By Minh Thao Nguyen

5 thoughts on “Hololens – An Upcoming Cutting-edge Technology Of Mixed Reality

  1. I think the HoloLens has both pros and cons in its application. it’s comfortable, interactive and futuristic however its view is narrow and sometimes too complicated from my perspectives.

  2. Been using Microsoft mixed reality smart glasses and thinking it is quite innovative with smart features. We as innovative people moving towards the future should use more tech devices using this technology to gradually simplify and modernize life.

  3. As in the manufacturing industry that I am we speed up the quality control process thanks to the help of MR and Hololens

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