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AI Object Identification & recognition, BeetSoft

Object identification and recognition is an area within the field of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on recognizing different objects by robots. As AI machines become more and more part of our everyday lives, machine learning is making improvements in image tagging and object identification skills. The latest AI technology is able to recognize objects in an image or movie. When you see a dog, you know it is a dog, and you also can tell that it is an onion if you see onions. This was something that humans can only do so far. But, finally, it became possible for AI to determine an object without relying on the human eyes and brain.

We can utilize this useful technology for a wide variety of purposes. For example, it is possible to display AR content corresponding to each item using AR technology.

There are many other new services that will be made possible by BeetSoft. Let’s begin a project with us to grow faster and better!

By Minh Thao Nguyen

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