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BeetSoft OCR – Taking OCR To The Next Level, BeetSoft


In the past, if you had a PDF or image version of a document that needs to be digitalized, perhaps the only way would be to type down everything, which is undoubtedly a strenuous task. Nowadays, thanks to technology in general and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in particular, the typewritten text will be easily recognized and added to your database with ease.

As a company whose mission is to create new values for the society, BeetSoft also masters the technology of OCR but doesn’t stop at simple character recognition. With our easy-to-use platform, your necessary information can be accurately extracted from the recognized text by creating corresponding templates. Furthermore, especially for insurance companies, your policies can be applied to determine whether a claim is legit and the claimer should receive payments or not.

There are many valuable functions existing in just one platform, and we at BeetSoft believe there can be so much more if we’re honoured to receive your precious input. Please don’t hesitate to create new values and wonders together!

By Minh Thao Nguyen

One thought on “BeetSoft OCR – Taking OCR To The Next Level

  1. We are quite used to convert types of documents namely scanned PDF files or images captured by cameras and phones into editable and searchable data. Yet this is such another level of innovation. Thumbs up.

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