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Promising application of AI in healthcare, BeetSoft

“Hello, I am Baymax, your healthcare companion. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?”

A famous quote of Big Hero 6’s Baymax, an Artificial Intelligent (AI) robot character which plays as healthcare support for the human being. 6 years ago, Baymax still seemed to be unrealistic, a result of human fantasy. At the moment, Baymax or healthcare supporting robot, in general, is not something only for people imaginary. AI technology has been applied in several healthcare sectors, suggesting positive results and a promising future.

Recent research from Accenture has suggested that AI applications in healthcare have the potential to create $150 billion in the US by 2026. In this forecast, robot-assisted surgery, virtual nursing assistants, and administrative workflow assistance are the three highest valued sectors. In the meantime, the investment in the digital health sector has shown an incredible increase comparing to the last year according to McKinsey report. The Covid-19 era fuelled the development to leverage the healthcare system. The funding goes into the two major fields which are technology application for research and development and on-demand healthcare service. It is indeed a good sight that technology applied healthcare system is not a niche term anymore, it attracts resources of all kinds.

At the same time, the development of technology, particularly AI technology, has taken a huge leap in recent years, empowering healthcare service innovation. This current situation creates great demand for technology providers and IT Outsourcing Company because, without the technical support, the healthcare provider cannot leverage their service, implement the advanced invention in their system. AI technology suggests great improvement in these areas of healthcare.

–           Supporting clinical decisions

–           Increasing accuracy rate in diagnosis

–           Preventing population-level disease

–           Developing robotic surgery

–           Assisting physical healthcare services

–           Optimizing clinical workflow

–           Researching medicines

Promising application of AI in healthcare, BeetSoft

Furthermore, with the support of other technology developments, AI applications in healthcare are not only for the experts with a great understanding of the area but also for the general audience with different backgrounds. Thanks to customized software development and application development that boost the convenience, mobility, and user friendly of the advanced technology, AI can be applied to several products which help people live healthier and longer.

One crucial point that should be noted is that AI technology cannot replace human physical work, perhaps, it can enhance productivity and effectiveness of work, creating a new approach to solve the problems. Yet, AI technology application in healthcare has an undeniable promising future with a vital role in the 4.0 revolution.

Are you a healthcare provider ready for the transformation or do you have an idea to improve the healthcare process with AI technology? Do not hesitate to book IT consulting services with us. BeetSoft with high-quality IT outsourcing services is the best companion to enterprises. We always listen to your concern and request to propose the best solution for your business. Contact us for more information.

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