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The Whole New World Created By AR, BeetSoft


Using AR technology will significantly increase the attention of audiences to the advertisement. For instance, by scanning a code of a car advertisement with a smartphone, you then have the car starts running in 3D animation. Amazing, right? With this modern method, nowadays, customers can experience the products / services by imagining their application to the reality from AR advertisement. In another case, try scanning the advertisements of CDs and DVDs on your smartphone, the songs and music videos of each CD and DVD will be played in front of you in reality.In addition, we can watch AR super sales man who usually do sales at famous TV shopping programs.Are you excited about this technology?


Using the AR technology will make it much more easier for us in navigating the direction. Specifically, with the help of AR, by putting your smartphone on some roads / streets, you can not only see where to turn, but also know all the spots, buildings, restaurant nearby, etc at a glance. Especially, in addition to directions, this technology also helps you with the event venue guidance, sightseeing guidance, etc.

Those are just only a small part of the new world created by AR. Let explore more with us and keep your business up-to-date!

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