Our Projects

ProjectsSummaryLanguages/ PlatformsDurationNo of membersRegion
Software DevelopmentProject on managing the production process in the factory
Track and send notifications if the production in the factory is slower than planned.
Products Importation and exportation management
razor, jquery, C#
MVC .Net, entity framework
6 months32Singapore
Software DevelopmentGarment manufacturing factory managementC#.NET, Razor ViewEngine, Angular js, Jquery, html, CSS
.NET, Web API, Web MVC
8 months28Japan
Software DevelopmentEmployee time tracking and payroll management for manufacturing factoryC#.NET, Razor ViewEngine, Jquery, Ajax, html, CSS
.NET, Web API, Web MVC
12 months16Japan
Software DevelopmentFinancial service performance tracking and management of staffs for Vietnam International Bank (VIB)C#.NET, Razor ViewEngine, Jquery, html, CSS
.NET, Web API, Web MVC
15 months35Vietnam
Web DevelopmentReal estate and leasing management websiteVB, Jquery, Html, CSS
.Net Web
13 months25Singapore
Software DevelopmentPersonnel management for enterprisesAngular 5, .Net Web API, HTML, CSS
.Net Web
6 months10USA
Software DevelopmentGarment manufacturing factory managementAngular JS
.Net Web
3 months3South Korea
App DevelopmentTo build data management systems for real estate companies in the top 10 of Japan.
Participation stage: Code, Test
.NET, ASP .NET, SQL Server2.5 years7USA
App DevelopmentSet up a food ordering system for the restaurant
Participation stage: Design analysis, Code, Test
.NET, ASP .NET, SQL Server8 months30UK
Software DevelopmentBuilding a production process management system (car brakes, production of rubber equipment)
Participation stage: Design analysis, Code, Test
.NET, ASP .NET, JS, SQL Server2 years20Japan
Software DevelopmentSewing factory management system (personnel management, stages in the sewing process)
Participation Stage: Design Analysis, Code, Test
C#.NET, MVC, LinQ, Jquery, CSS3, Angular21 year18South Korea
App DevelopmentBusiness card managementAndroid native, iOS native5 months4Australia
App DevelopmentCreates and manages photo albums
printing and delivering albums to users
Objective-C/Java/Java Servlet/iText Lib8 months15Germany
App DevelopmentCreates, prints and delivers albums to usersObjective-C/Java/Java Servlet/iText Lib5 months10USA
App DevelopmentCreates, prints and delivers albums to usersObjective-C/Java/Java Servlet3 months5Japan
App DevelopmentConnects applicants with recruitersObjective-C/Java(Android)3 months4UK
App DevelopmentVoiceLink® is a groupware associated with your Facebook account.
Enjoy your smoother group communication via VoiceLink®. Create group calls
Objective C/Java(Android)6 months5Japan
App DevelopmentMusic distribution application which
match users’ needs to the song via 5W1H model (What, Where, When, Why, Who, How)
In other words, you don’t need to know the artists and songs but you can still find songs that fit your mood.
Objective-C/Java(Android)2 Years10France
App DevelopmentPrinting system, managing from the user using the app and the order, to the operation and printing of the album.
Participation Stage: Analysis, Design, Code, Test, maintenance
Java Android, Objective C, Kotlint, Swift, JavaCore, PHP5 years10Ireland
App DevelopmentApp about recruitment links between candidates and employers
Participation Stage: Code, Test
Objective C, Java AndroidObjective C, Java Android3Netherlands
App DevelopmentApplication to call, group chat to server learning.
Participation Stage: Analysis, Code, Test
Swift, Objective C, Java Android2 years5Canada
App DevelopmentApp for managing business cardsObjective C, Java Android6 months4Singapore
Web DevelopmentManagement system in a construction company about invoices and documents.
Participation Stage: design from customer requirements, code, test, maintain
PHP, Laravel2 years5Finland
Web DevelopmentThe backend system for playing card-fighting games.
Participation Stage: design from customer requirements, code, test, maintain
PHP, Laravel1.5 years5Malaysia
Web DevelopmentWeb design development
Participation Stage: design from customer requirements, code, test, maintain
Ruby, Ruby on Rails9 months6Israel
AnnotationImage Annotation for a well knownAnnotation tools12 Months300Israel
Game DevelopmentOnline Slot machinesNode JS, C,12 Months10USA
Game DevelopmentMobile football gameUnity 3D4 Months5Australia
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