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We are more than happy to  accompany clients during every phase  of the project, from task discovery, requirement analysis to the maintenance operation.

IT Consulting Service Flow

Beetsoft’s IT consulting services will proceed according to the following workflow.

1. Discussion

We would like to have a discussion with customers about their worries, requests, comments or even just their company’s general situation.Even
if they are not IT-related, any inputs and contributions from clients are still valuable to
us.That way, our consulting team can present to you  the most beneficial proposal  possible.It
should be noted that IT Consulting must not be the only solution to a company’s problems.However, this service can help analyze the market for  potential needs  and take advantage of them to profit firms and enterprises.

2. Proposal


Based on the information gathered from the discussions, Beetsoft’s consulting team will propose measures to solve the problems and improve the company’s profit.
We can develop web systems and business systems, native applications, hybrid applications and so on.
Furthermore, our customers can choose from a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies such as AI, IoT, AR, VR, MR, multiple of which can be applied simultaneously as per your preference.
Also, at this stage of the proposal, we will estimate the number of hours or months required for development, delivery time/cost and development system.

3. Continuous consultancy until satisfaction achieved.

We will continue providing consultancy and advise until our partner is satisfied with the final proposal.
Matters of delivery cost/time, required functions, technologies etc. can be changed or adjusted flexibly in order for both sides to agree upon the most suitable proposal.

4. Agreement


After the consultancy comes the agreement stage.
Any charges you will receive will start only after the contract has been finalised. In other words, our consultancy is provided for free, whether we can come to an agreement or not.
One more thing you could tremendously benefit from is our flexible payment terms. Clients can choose either one-off or recurring payments.

5. Development

Based on the finalized content of the proposal and contract, we will then proceed with the development phase.
We put great emphasis on the consistency of the development as the product should be developed according to plans. Every step we take will be confirmed with clients first to ensure total agreement and effective communication.

6. Maintenance・Improvement


Depending on the type and scale of the development, maintenance may be necessary, for which we will also be responsible.
Maintenance packages include nighttime correspondence and holiday correspondence. Therefore, we can flexibly respond to customers’ requests; in turn, you don’t need to worry about operational interruptions outside business hours.
Not only can our engineers be in charge of development but they can also manage maintenance, resulting in a more efficient workflow.
In addition, the trend and effects of the system will constantly be analyzed and examined throughout every phase, allowing us to come up with further improvements or changes timely.
Our goal is to be a trustworthy partner who can engage in a long-lasting collaboration with the clients. Your trust is our company’s ultimate success.

Beetsoft has a track record in IT consulting for numerous companies around the globe
As a result, you can entrust your projects to our experienced team of IT consultants and engineers, who is capable of delivering the best suggestions possible.

My company doesn’t have any issues at the moment, but I’m quite interested.
Collaboration and expansion will never be unnecessary in this era of globalization and digitalization. Potential opportunities can arise at any moment. Together, we could seize the chance to achieve greatness.

I’m having troubles and don’t know what to do.
You have come to the right place.We would love to be of assistance.

For more information of all the amazing achievements, we can obtain together, feel free to contact us.Thank you very much and we look forward to our fruitful collaboration!

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