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  • AI has evolved drastically in recent years and will undoubtedly make drastic changes to our lives in a much more convenient way in the near future. Beetsoft proactively carries out the latest AI research and development. We offer state-of-the-art technology at a reasonable price.
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NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Computer Vision

Technical achievements

    • 顔認証の技術
    • Facial Expression Recognition Technology
      Facial expression recognition
  • From the recognition of the human face, we can also determine what kind of emotion the person is expressing. AI can make a more accurate and faster evaluation than a human whether they are happy or sad. We can also accumulate and utilize big data for facial expressions.

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    • 顔認証の技術
    • Technology of object recognition
      Object Recognition
  • You can recognize objects from images and videos. The technology can instantly judge what the object is, whether it’s food items or an animal with the latest technology using deep learning.

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    • 顔認証の技術
    • Human Behavior Recognition Technology
      Human behavior recognition
  • Recognize the behavior of people in video and determine what they are doing. Accuracy increases more with deep learning using big data. This technology can be utilized for various services.

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    • 顔認証の技術
    • Face Recognition Technology
      Face Recognition
  • Face recognition can be performed from images of cameras and videos to distinguish individuals. Can be used for various applications and systems such as processed cameras, face authentication systems, attendance management, etc.

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