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AR enriches our lives in various situations

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AR transforms our usual life into a very convenient one.
I will introduce some AR technologies to make life easier.

1. Furniture Arrangement Application

This is an application already on sale in the world.
I can easily confirm what kind of furniture I care about in my room and what kind of feeling it is when I put it.
Util now, until we actually purchased it, there was only an image in the head.
You can check it carefully in advance so you will not regret it after you buy it.

2. Simulation of hairstyle

As with furniture, the hairstyle was only imagined until what it actually looks like until you actually haircut.
However, if you use AR technology, you can see what image it will look at at a glance.
With this, I do not need time to worry about what to do with my hairstyle, and I will lose something I regret after I have a haircut.

3. Directions guidance, place guidance application

When I go to an unknown place, I think that I often use the map application recently.
However, there are times when you can not reach the place you want to go by all means.
Besides, I do not know if this building is the building I want, I want to go to the bathroom but I do not know where it is.
By using AR technology, you will be able to know where to go at a glance simply by holding the smartphone.
At sightseeing spots, etc., you can also display the explanation of the sights (temple, Buddhist statue, etc) by AR, making sightseeing more enjoyable and innovative.

I introduced only a few examples.
If you use AR, you can still make many useful services and the world will change more and more.
You can develop all the applications introduced by BEETSOFT.
In addition, Aif you use an AR application or service, we will have an experienced team to handle, so please feel free to contact us.

Let’s make a new thing together with all means! !

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