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About education, it seems to be a formal image by all means.
Especially, even if you are reading books full of letters, it’s hard to get into your head, so studying will not be interesting.
Elementary school students and junior high school students say that there are many students who liked the material collection and are reading.
Again, I think that information is coming in directly and visually interesting.
If it is an AR, information will enter more interestingly than it is to compare with the data collection.
Information that seems to be confusing even by just arranging letters is difficult to understand becomes possible to study happily with 3D design and animation using AR technology.
Of course, only children are not covered.
From children to adults, from study to research it will be fun and realistic with AR technology.
For example, human body structure, experiments of chemistry, events of history can be visually experienced.
Just by imagination it seems that studying will be a lot of fun! !

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