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The new world created by AR

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AR stands for Augmented Reality.
Well, though it is as well known as VR, AR has become more difficult technology than VR.
If we can tell the difference between VR and AR to easily understand them, that is:
VR is the technology that helps you jump into the virtual world,
AR is the technology that brings things in the virtual world to reality.
And those combining these technologies become MR.
BEETSOFT has the most cutting edge technology in all these technologies.
The following will introduce the new world that AR technology can create.

Appearing Advertisement, Moving Advertisement

An usual advertisement  in the newspaper or the advertisement page in the magazine is very familiar to everybody and often be skipped or thrown away without paying much attention.
However, if you use AR technology, these advertisements will change completely.
For example, try holding a picture of an usual car advertisement with a smartphone and then…
The car starts to move in 3D! You can experience the movement of the car in reality from advertisement.
Also, if you try to hold the advertisements of CDs and DVDs on smartphone…
The sample of songs and videos of each CD and DVD are played in reality in front of you.
In addition, we can watch AR super sales man who usually do sales at famous TV shopping.
Advertisements are transformed into real experience which has never existed before.
This world is actually almost there. Are you excited about it?

Real and easy for directions

Until now, even if you use the map application, I think it is hard to get to the destination and to understand where to turn.
However, if you use AR technology, the directions will be changed as well.
If you put your smartphone on the usual landscape, you can see where to turn, sightseeing spots, the name of the building at a glance.
Of course, in addition to directions, this technology also helps you with the event venue guidance, sightseeing guidance, etc. 

What I have introduced is just only a part of the new world created by AR.
I think that when talking about AR, there are still many people who can’t imagine what it is. But the world which can not exist without AR is coming soon! !

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